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Hoarding: Why Do We Accumulate Things We Don’t Use?

No one knows everything they have until it’s time to move out. Throughout our lives we keep every insignificant detail: gifts, notes, tickets, souvenirs, etc.

It is enough that it can be seen and touched for us to want to keep it. But then, the day comes to adjust a little to pay the rent, and when we are filling boxes, we think, “Where is all this going to go?

You will be surprised at the amount of junk you have taken out of every corner of your room, and you will think it is a never-ending task. Why does this happen?


Fear that we will need some of what we have and won’t find it at some point. We get overwhelmed by future problems and make a movie about something very likely not to happen.

Have you ever wondered how many times you’ve needed something, and you’ve gone looking in your room for the spare part, the small foot, or whatever it is you need?

We usually skip that step and go to a store to buy what we need. Therefore, take advantage of the move to evaluate what things you will use.

Emotional connections

The second fear we face is the fear of forgetting the past. Humans tend to establish emotional connections with objects because they remind us of moments, people, sensations, or some illusion we have that cannot yet be.

That’s why we cling to things, for fear of letting go of these sensations, and we don’t care about the space they waste.

The truth is that not all these feelings are positive, and it is also gratifying to close the chapters. Throwing away these objects helps us burn bridges to past situations that were not rewarding and, because of nostalgia, do not allow us to move forward into the future.

So don’t mess it up, and if it doesn’t serve you, don’t keep it or donate it; surely someone needs it more than you.


These fears make us keep clothes, ornaments, accessories, and unnecessary junk. So, take advantage of the move to start a much lighter new life, with only what you need and more space for new memories and fewer material attachments.

Clean your room, and we will take care of the junk you are going to throw away. Request a junk removal quote online, and don’t worry about taking it to the dump; we will do it for you!

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