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Tips to Design Your Home Office: Declutter, Organize + Set Up

Home offices can be difficult to design because of all the clutter that usually accumulates in them over time. This blog post will teach you how to declutter your home office and organize it so that it’s easy and comfortable for you to use. We’ll also discuss some ways that will help set up your home office so that it looks great! If you’re looking for a way to make your home office more efficient and less cluttered, then this is the article for you.

Cleaning out your office space will help you to be more productive. You’ll have fewer distractions when trying to do work, and it’s easier to focus on what needs to be done if there isn’t a lot of clutter around you. If you’re not sure how much stuff in your home office belongs or doesn’t belong, then use the three boxes method – all items that belong go into one box labeled “keep,” all things that don’t get thrown away go into another labeled “donate” and anything else goes into the last box titled “throw away.” After sorting through everything like this, donating anything unnecessary can make decluttering a quicker process!

Once you have all of the boxes ready to go, it’s time to organize the items you would like to keep. Create a place for your computer monitor. Make sure it’s close to an outlet and out of the way of family members that might walk by. Figure out where you want your desk – if possible, try to put it in a corner or against a wall so that there is less room around it. You can also add some extra storage space with bookshelves! If you have papers that need to be filed, put them away on a shelf or in drawers. Make sure to label all of these filing spaces so you can continue to stay organized.

After everything is organized, it should be easier now to decorate! Add some color and pictures to make your space more personalized. You can also fix up the lighting in your office or purchase a standing lamp so you will have better posture while working! Adding indoor plants to your office can also be beneficial because they can remove toxins from the air and encourage productivity.

If you have upgraded your furniture during this design process, it’s now time to get rid of any unwanted items! Schedule some time to have a junk removal company come and take away all your extra clutter. Full House Junk Removal can haul away any old furniture, junk, unwanted items, trash, and more! If you are clearing out your office and are in Star, Idaho, or surrounding areas, give us a call! You can reach us at 208.994.2429 or visit our website

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